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Think of Plattr as Yelp and Tinder combined into one. For the foodie visiting town or the indecisive eater in the friend group.

Following the matching mechanism of Tinder and pulling information from Yelp, Plattr matches foodies with restaurants in their vicinity that align with their taste profile. Whether it's Thai, Italian, Chinese, or Mexican; they're sure you'll find a new favorite.


Design a logo for the project that can be sized appropriately for mobile. In addition, design a prototype UX layout with a small-form video of its usability.

The concept of "Tinder but make it food" is whimsical while the term "Plattr" holds a close relation to it's root word platter, an assortment of food or a dish. The five concepts we came up with include one or both of these sentiments, as the app in essence is meant to be a fun food journal for foodies and food connoisseurs.

A preliminary draft of a Plattr app was created on Adobe XD. The app works by allowing the user to match with five profiles when opened. From the five, the user selects a choice and the app directs them to the restaurant. Additional features include, saved matches, filter settings, and a live community page.

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