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Filter de Boda.png
3, 2, 1, and pose! This photo booth filter will take four photos for you to remember this special occasion. Congratulations Wiliam and Mary!

With the pandemic making it harder than ever to celebrate special occasions, we were commissioned to design a custom filter for a newlyweds' wedding. This photo booth filter takes 4 photos when recording, allowing for guests to keep a momento and family far away to stay connected.


Design and program a custom Instagram filter for Wiliam and Mary's wedding. Filter must be fun yet easy to use for people ages 50+.

With the commission being open for creativity we came up with three possible concepts; a celebratory frame, a photo booth, or a veil/tie AR filter. Ultimately, we settled on the photo booth concept as it was relatively unique and sentimental compared to the other two generic options.

Taking inspiration from the wedding invitation we mimicked the emboss and floral patterning for the filter's frame. A silver gradient was used for accents as the color scheme of the wedding was white and silver. A custom heart was also made with Mary and Wiliam's initials.