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To deliver excellent customer service and bring family and friends together on our own idyllic island in NYC.

Known as the first rooftop in The Bronx, Zona De Cuba is a lively fun family restaurant with many photo opportunities. Cuban fusion cuisine, palm trees and live music will make you feel like you are in the island for real!


Develop creative Instagram posts and reels, as well as a weekly newsletter sent to more than 40k subscribers.

Posts created for over 70k followers These posts are carefully crafted to drive engagement and reach. They are designed to create brand awareness and generate leads. The content is tailored to the audience to ensure maximum impact.

A reel is used to show the audience all of the changes and current events that have taken place. Using trending sounds and carefully crafted videos, each video is unique. It's a great way to engage viewers and keep them up-to-date. It also helps to create an emotional connection with the audience. Reels are a powerful tool to capture the attention of viewers and build brand loyalty.

Each week, a newsletter is sent to subscribers notifying them of special events and menu options for the week. In order to maintain a consistent look and feel, a themed layout was created to fit the brand.

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