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As a team, we're committed to destigmatizing mental health through healing, communication, and education. 

Que Paso Latinx is a nonprofit organization aiming to help mental health patients. They provide many services for both adults and youth. They offer resources such as free counseling, group therapy, and support groups. They are also working to develop a culturally sensitive approach to addressing mental health issues in the Latinx community.


Redesign and updating of their website for easy navigation and improved user experience.

The overall brand was well established, but needed to be expressed correctly and attention to detail was needed.  We needed to ensure that the visuals matched the brand objectives, and that the messaging was consistent across all platforms. We also needed to ensure that the customer experience was seamless and intuitive.

We created an animated logo for the landing page. The mission statement is prominently displayed on the first page to welcome visitors. Also, a monthly events page was added to showcase upcoming events. Additionally, a support tab allows people to donate and buy merchandise to wear and help accomplish the organization's goals. The website was organized into logical sections and intuitive menus, making information easier to find. The visuals were also updated, creating a modern and attractive look. The website now provides a better user experience.

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