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With a focus on unity, inclusion, and tolerance; we hope to educate our listeners while cultivating awareness and tolerance.

Angel of Words Entertainment is a podcast focused on "sharing diverse stories" to "create an atmosphere of awareness and comprehension" in the modern age. With a mission centered on union, AOW needed a clean and memorable revamp to appeal to a greater audience.


Redesign AOW's existing logo to be modern and sleek in order to reflect their modern takes and philosophy. In addition, redesign the company's website with the new logo's aesthetic.

A modern/neo-futuristic design was selected to establish Angel of Words Entertainment as a vehicle towards a more tolerant and bright future. The addition of the golden halo is a nod to the business' prior logo, which has been updated with a bright yellow hue to complement the blues used. Drag the slider on the left to see the change.

In addition to the logo redesign we also made an animated version of the logo to be used for Angel of Words Entertainment's video podcasts on YouTube.


When designing the website, we dissected the new logo and used its outlines as a texture for the site's background. To keep with brand consistency and offer visual variety, we made three versions in blue, white, and black.

As you can see, throughout the website we've kept the navigation very minimal for easy user interaction.

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